About The Magicians

Will Roberts

Will is an award winning, actor, magician, trick roper, and western gunslinger. His cowboy skills have landed him many Film and TV roles and even a page in the Guinness Book World Records.

To add to his extensive bag of tricks, he's a clown, Balloon artist and dancer.

Will is also a longtime member of the world famous Magic Castle where he continues to hone his magic skills.

Bryan Whitehead

Bryan got his first taste of performing magic, when he bought a magic trick from and ad in the back of a magazine​.

Throughout college, the young magician performed for children's birthday parties, county fairs, school shows and even business events. He became popular and proficient as a performer, but Bryan had other dreams. Bryan decided to open his own magic shop. 

This is how Zucchini's Tricks n' Things was born on Cannery Row.

Paul Pistore

Paul found Zucchini’s Tricks-n-Things when it was a fledgling company.

After moving to LA, He began pursuing work in the Film and TV industry.

Paul has worked as a puppeteer and SPFX Technician on major motion pictures: Batman Returns, Alien Resurrection, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Men in Black 2 and many others. 

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