About The Magicians

Bryan got his first taste of performing magic, he saw an ad in the back of a magazine that promised that anyone could be a magician! 

You just needed to order the ‘special secret’. It was the key to “making virtually anything disappear in your bare hands.”
Bryan sent his hard earned $1.50 to the company. Then, he waited... and waited for an excruciating 4 to 6 weeks, until one day, it arrived!    

With trembling hands he tore the package open! He was finally going to learn the great secret! 

Much to his dismay, the ‘secret device’ was a fake thumb! 

But, he’d invested in it, so he was determined to get his money’s worth. He diligently practiced and finally showed it to his friend. Shockingly his friend was amazed and fooled by the illusion! 

Young Bryan was hooked! His journey had begun.


Throughout college, the young magician performed for children's birthday parties, county fairs, school shows and even business events.  He became popular and proficient as a performer, but Bryan had other dreams. Bryan decided to open his own magic shop While seeking a location, he was told that a town 200 miles south had the kind of foot traffic and tourism he needed. 

So, off to Carmel California! Bryan saw huge potential, but rent was way out of his scant entrepreneurial budget. He headed out to seek new locations.

And promptly got lost on his way back up the coast. He had somehow ended up on Cannery Row, Monterey, which turned out to be a fortunate mistake.

Having no idea where he was, Bryan stumbled across an amazing building, a reconditioned fishery-turned-restaurant and arcade with a carousel right in the middle. 

This was the perfect place for a magic shop! 


This is how Zucchini's Tricks n' Things was born on Cannery Row.

Bryan Whitehead

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