We are very excited to announce that I'll be hosting a lecture by Etienne Pradier on Saturday, October 17th at 12pm (Pacific).

Etienne Pradier has made a name for himself as an amazing close-up magician, entertaining people from LA to London, including the Royal family. In 2011, Etienne appeared as a contestant on the British TV show Penn & Teller and fooled them. His sleight of hand skills are undeniable, but it's also his incredible personality, charm and charisma, that have led him to become one of the UK's most successful magicians.

The cost to attend this online lecture is only $10. You will also receive $40 worth of single-trick downloads from Etienne's website and the video recording of his lecture. What a generous offer!!

Tickets will be available at www.basicsofmagic.com

Thanks in advance for supporting our online lectures!!

Your friend in magic,

Rudy Tinoco
Instagram: @themagiciansforum


Will Roberts 


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